Crop Circle Archive For Sale

For only $250,000.
This extraordinary record is the work of one man whose name is synonymous with “crop circles”, and will go down in the annals of modern history. Whether you believe crop circles are a modern form of land art or a scientific wonder, the crop designs are amazing to behold. Millions have been captivated by their magic for more than two decades and they have become part of modern culture.
Colin Andrews is the foremost expert on crop circles. He was stunned when he saw his first crop circle in 1983 and co-wrote the first book on the subject, Circular Evidence. He has acted as advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the British Royal Family, Lawrence Rockefeller, Research Institutes worldwide and many more. Colin has constructed the world’s largest database on crop circles, and is convinced that it strongly suggests an intelligent hand is at work. You can view Colin’s complete biography, or visit his main website for more.

The collection includes:
– The complete photograph library, containing more than 35,000 original photographs with negatives
– The most complete archive of crop circle research databases in existence: Excel databases of crop circles worldwide, all cross-referenced to photos, pattern categories, video footage, reference library items, and more.

Crop circle archive for only $250,000.00

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  1. “The reason the database, archives and libraries are being sold is that after all my personal funds have been spent on the research and private funds and donations have dried up, there are no means left to continue. I lack the funds to research and/or utilize the data.”
    More evidence that ufology is dieing out ?

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