Help Greenpeace Hunt the Whalers

Every year, the Japanese whaling fleet takes great pains to ensure that its location remains a secret, to avoid the glare of public scrutiny, to try and keep images of whales being killed out of the press, and to avoid Greenpeace. In today’s world of instant satellite access and networked information, together we can make it impossible for them to hide.

    Over the years, we’ve used many methods to find the whaling fleets. They have their secrets, and we have ours.
    We’d like to add a new tool to the “hunt the hunters” kit: you.
    Know about the law of 6 degrees of separation? It basically suggests that between you and any existing piece of information known by someone alive today, no more than six people separate you from the person with the information you seek.
    In other words, you personally know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows precisely where the Japanese whaling fleet is hunting endangered whales at this moment.
    Think hard about this. Do you know someone who works in satellite imaging? Maritime insurance? The Japanese fishing industry? Are you in contact with someone making an ocean crossing in the Pacific? Or a radio operator who listens in on maritime communications? If so, pass this page along (there’s a Send link up top and down bottom) and ask them to get in touch with us at:
    All information in strictest confidence.
    The ships we are looking for are:
    The Nisshin Maru, gross tonnage 8,030, length 130 metres, radio call sign JJCJ. She is the factory ship and will be accompanied by three catchers, Kyo Maru No. 1 with radio call sign JKNG, the Yushin Maru call sign JLZS and Yushin Maru No. 2, call sign JPPV. These ships left Shimonoseki, Southern Japan, at 10am local time on the 8th of November 2005.
    Don’t let them hunt in secret. The world needs to see what they are doing.

Have you seen this ship?
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This is all part of the latest Greenpeace expedition:
The ‘Defending our Oceans‘ voyage is the single largest expedition that Greenpeace has ever undertaken. This incredible year-long journey will tell the story of the crisis facing our oceans from the Azores to Antarctica, take you to places few humans have been, confront the villains and promote solutions – and you can join us.
Note: I’ll be working on the second leg of this expedition, next year. Stay tuned.
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