Man buys imaginary building for $100,000


Do you think the price of housing in Dublin is terrible ? Do you think we got diddled by the builders when we bought an aquatic centre that leaked ? Then you should stay well away from the online computer game Project Entropia where a man has recently payed $100,000 for a building that doesn’t exist…

Jon Jacobs has bought a virtual space station and is intending on using it as a nightclub. “I’m already in talks with some of the worlds biggest DJs about spinning live sets inside the nightclub,” the man with too much money than sense told the BBC News website.
Somehow I think he’s missing the point of a night club – going out ! I can’t see how a virtual beer can compete with the real thing. Nor how dancing using a keyboard can be a substitute for drunkenly making a fool of yourself. And as for scoring virtual girls…
Rumours that a virtual Abrekebabra will be opeing next door would appear to be unfounded.
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