Robbers try to silence parrot informant


As the three burglars raided the house little did they know that the family’s pet parrot was really a stool pigeon. Later they had to return to the scene of their crime to try and silence the witness…

Only a kidnapped bird flew the coop after a heist in Memphis. Police arrested Mark Martin, Dallas Davis and Jarrin Hicks after they went back to a home to snatch a parrot they feared could identify them. Authorities said as the three men ransacked the house, the family’s parrot began repeating the nickname of one of the men. The birdbrained trio went back to the house to grab the informant’s cage just before police arrived on the scene. Police arrested them a few blocks later when the men crashed their car. As for the parrot named Marshmallow, the 6-year-old bird’s cage broke in the crash and the foot tall bird with light green feathers flew away.
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Unfortunately there’s no news of whether Marshmallow the wonder parrot has returned to give evidence.