Homer Simpson To Run Sellafield

DOH! Homer Simpson would have done a better job running the Sellafield nuclear power station than Britain, according to Dick Roche, the environment minister.
Interviewed on the BBC World Service last Tuesday about Ireland’s apparent position at the bottom of a European Environment Agency (EEA) league table of polluters, the minister launched a blistering attack on Britain’s nuclear energy policy.

In the BBC Europe Today interview, Roche was asked why Ireland has failed to meet international targets in four out of nine categories measured by the EEA. Roche replied that the study had ignored examples of Ireland’s “extraordinary progress” on certain environmental issues, before launching into an attack on Britain’s nuclear energy policy.
“We don’t have huge nuclear dumps or malfunctioning nuclear facilities, we don’t have Sellafield on our doorstep to deal with for goodness sake, you do,” said Roche. “With all due respect, Homer Simpson would have run a rather better institution than you’ve been able to run over there in Sellafield.”

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In other news, it seems that there was a leak in Sellafield yesterday – and the only place it’s turned up is in the Irish Media. Absolutely NOTHING in the British media – maybe there’s some kind of blackout, given the recent controversy over the possible new building of nuclear power stations in the UK.
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Irish Independent:
Part of the Sellafield nuclear plant was evacuated yesterday after high levels of radioactivity were detected, writes Treacy Hogan.
The radioactive doses were found in the controversial High Activity Storage Tanks which have been frequently criticised by the Irish authorities as posing a major risk to Ireland.
The Irish Government revealed yesterday that the area was evacuated as a precaution but described the incident as “minor”.
Environment Minister Dick Roche said in a statement he was advised by the UK authorities yesterday that very high dose rates have been recorded at a sampling location on one of the storage tanks.
The Radiological Protection Institute confirmed that the incident is minor and has no adverse implications for Ireland.

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