Kyoto & Climate Change: The Finger is Finally Taken Out

“The United Nations Climate Change Conference closed Saturday with the adoption of more than 40 decisions that will strengthen global efforts to fight climate change.”
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‘Environmental groups were pleased with the outcome. “The Kyoto Protocol is stronger today than it was two weeks ago,” said Bill Hare, Greenpeace International Climate Policy Advisor in Montreal. “This historic first Meeting of the Parties has acknowledged the urgency of the threat that climate change poses to the world’s poorest people, and eventually, to all of us. The decisions made here have cleared the way for long term action.”‘
‘Australia and the U.S. are isolated as never before,” said Greenpeace climate campaigner Steve Sawyer, “and the overwhelming presence of U.S. state governments, cities, trade unions, businesses, churches, youth and many other parts of civil society gave the rest of the world confidence that Americans do care about climate change, and that the Bush administration’s intransigence will sooner rather than later be remembered as an unfortunate historical footnote.”‘
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That is a critically important decision. It sends an important signal to business that carbon constraints are here to stay and makes new investment in low carbon technologies more likely. That, together with the decision in Montreal to adopt a series of rules to implement the Kyoto protocol, including a system of penalties to ensure compliance, means that far from being dead, as sceptics proclaimed barely a year ago, the Kyoto approach is thriving.
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