The Mummified Woman Files


I made a joke the other day about having to open up a new category on blather for all of the ‘Dead Mummified Woman’ stories that are in the news recently. Well, it may turn out not to have been such an odd idea. A kind poster to the Fortean mailing list sent in a link to an article from the Cincinnati Enquirer which reports on what seems to be a very odd, global phenomena – a rash of Mummifed Women from countries such as Russia, Germany, Italy, Wales, America and Egypt.

At the start of the new year, authorities in Germany found the mummified body of a 75-year-old woman in the bed she shared with her husband. The man, 71, lived in the apartment for about one year with his deceased wife. Neighbors alerted the authorities because of the odor. The woman apparently died of natural causes.

And then, in December of 2005 in Russia:

A missing patient from an alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinic in Russia was found mummified under the floor in late December. The 58-year-old patient was reported missing in October. According to a Russian news report, authorities were looking at the possibility that the man might have gone into the cellar through a trap door.

And there’s more, including the case of an Egyptian tenant murdered and mummified by his landlord and the 69-year-old man in Wales who kept his wife’s dead body in bed for several months before telling anyone…
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