Giant Ancient Pyramid Found In Bosnia ?

At the town of Visko, near Sarajevo in Bosnia, an archaeological dig has begun to discover if a group of hills nearby are more than what they seem. According to Semir Osmanagic, the bosnian adventurer / archaeologist who is leading the project, the hills are actually pyramids built by an ancient civilisation, the largest being over a third higher than those in egypt…

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Semir Osmanagic first noticed the unusual shape of the large Visocica hill when visiting a medieval royal palace built upon the top of it. He has spent fifteen years studying pyramids in Egypt and South America and so recognised the perfectly flat, 45 degree angled sides of the 650 metre tall hill. Further research showed that two other smaller hills nearby could be linked with it to form a perfect equilateral triangle. Semir Osmanagic has already named the three hills the pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Dragon in reference to the layout of some South American pyramids.
In fact the shape of the hill was no secret and for years it had been known locally as ‘Pyramid Hill’. There are many stories about the hill, dating back as far as the Turkish invasion in the 14th century. Local children were said to have found networks of tunnels leading through the hill. One story even says that children entered a tunnel at one of the two smaller hills and then re-emerged at the top of Visocica hill. Local men are also reported to have found stone blocks with strange inscriptions on them while doing road works nearby.
Semir Osmanagic has already payed €16,000 of his own money to get the project started and has also sourced money from corporate sponsors. Although initially the idea that a giant pyramid exists in the middle of Europe may sound to many like a deluded fantasy, the evidence is beginning to mount that there really is something there. Archaeologists have started paying attention to the site and a team of archaeologists from around the world including Australia, Scotland, Austria, Slovenia and even Ireland have arrived for the dig. Prior to the commencement of excavation, satellite photos, thermal images and other geological surveys were taken which seemed to confirm that there really was something inside this hill.
According to Dr. Amer Smailbegovic who was working on the images in Nevada, USA, “based on preliminary analysis of data collected thus far we have encouraging and compelling evidence that the two mounds we are focusing on may be in fact ancient pyramids. Personally speaking, we have no doubts that some kind of enormous, man-made structures exists in and around Visocica: the sides of the mounds appear unnatural because they are very linear, with clearly defined edges. The nature generally abhors straight lines and geometric theorems. In addition to Visocica and Pljesevica (one of the smaller hills) features, we may have identified other structures, not readily apparent to the observer on the ground.”
The excavation of the site began at the start of April. Tunnels leading into the hill were quickly discovered and archaeologists explored them with the help of the local mine rescue crew. Upon emerging from the tunnels, which they believe to be up to 4 km in length they declared them to be man made. “This is definitely not a natural formation,” said geologist Nadja Nukic.
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Last Wednesday a series of geometrically cut stone slabs that could form part of the structure’s sloping surface were unearthed on the side of the hill. The stone blocks were cube shaped and appeared to be polished. “These are the first uncovered walls of the pyramid,” said Semir. “We can see the surface is perfectly flat. This is the crucial material proof that we are talking pyramids”.

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The only place where the whole thing seems to be falling down is that no one has presented any kind of detailed histortical theory as to where on earth this huge structure may have come from. One theory is that it was built by an ancient civilisation known as the Illyrians which existed over 2000 years ago before slavic tribes invaded. Very little seems to be known about them. Semir is quoted in one source as saying that he believed the structure was pre-Illyrian and is 27,000 years old…
People are already seeing the potential of these finds and looking to make something out of it. Souvenirs and T-Shirts are already on sale. A local businessman recently bought most of the land on Visocica hill. He is hoping to build a tourist centre from which he can run guided tours to the pyramid. Semir (a businessman as well as an adventurer) seems to believe he’ll have uncovered the whole pyramid and opened it to the public within six months.
The “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation”, the organisation led by Semir to oversee the whole project is looking for volunteers to help dig out the pyramid. They’re offering one-day crash courses in archaeology to any would-be adventurers who want spend a holiday digging in the dirt.
While some may balk at the commercialism there’s no doubt that the finding of the worlds largest pyramid in Bosnia would do much restore a tourist trade destroyed by the war.
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  1. this is becoming controversial – there’s an online petition to have his digs shut down, because archaeologists reckon he’s ‘damaging’ archaeology with what they claim is essentially a publicity stunt.
    one to watch.

  2. Yup…prime example of lunatic fringe. Incidently, the site is most likely a defended roman hilltop enclosure. Shudder to think at the damage he’s doing to the real archaeology.

  3. You must know one thing…
    this is the first time the world is talking about Bosnia as an Archaeological Fhenomenon, not “War Affected”, “Mined” or any negative aconodated therm that is killing its reputation. People here actualy beleave in it, more than they beleave that one day thay might enter the EU. How freaky is that????!!!!!

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