Sectarian Ice Cream

After a prominent member of Sinn Féin was discovered to be a British spy and recent revelations about top members of the UVF being members of the British security forces, more evidence is emerging about the infiltration of organisations by British agents.

The alarm was raised within the republican movement recently when they became aware that their favourite ice cream may also have been infiltrated by British spies. Republicans became suspicious when a new Ben & Jerry’s product was released labelled “Ben & Jerry’s Black and Tan Ice Cream”. The new flavour, clearly named after the notorious mercenary force ‘The Black and Tans’ sent by the British to keep order in Ireland in the 1920’s, is a further embarrassment to the republican movement. It follows other scandals in their confectionary supply line, such the outing of Mr Tayto as an informant and the leaking of secret documents explaining how Gerry Adams eats his cream egg.
Ireland’s War of Independence: The chilling story of the Black and Tans
Black and Tan Ice Cream


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  1. ohh… fantastic.
    I wonder do they have a green white and gold icecream too? For the sake of impartiality, of course.

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