Baigent interviewed over Holy Blood/Da Vinci Code debacle

Michael Baigent describes the Da Vinci Code court case as ‘one of the worst experiences of my life’. And no wonder – he lost a fortune trying to prove Dan Brown had plagiarised his book. Still, he tells Maev Kennedy, he has no regrets
The Guardian: A Test of Faith

Last week, I had a the hellish experience of catching Pat Kenny’s Late Late Show on RTE1. Baigent was on, with two rather insane men of the cloth, debating the whole bloodline of Christ thing. I may not share Baigent’s rather intense exuberance, but fair play to the man – no one in the panel, or the hardcore Catholic elements of the audience, was able to put a proper question to him – they just ranted at him, saying “You’re wrong!” Most of the statements were along the lines of “Well, Jesus is our lord, and I love him, so there’s no way he married Mary Magdalen, so you’re wrong, and possibly evil”.
If anything, they seemed to attack him for the the Da Vinci Code, which as a recent court appearance proves, he didn’t write. Dan Brown did. The marquee that scrolled across the screen, showing viewers’ messages wasn’t any better.
Dan Brown: The Blondi Code

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