Opus Dei & Knights of Columbanus Controlling Northern Ireland’s Water Supply?

Allegations that a cross-border body is being run by a Catholic organisation have been levelled by an Ulster Unionist politician. The claims about Waterways Ireland, which has its headquarters in Enniskillen [Fermanagh, Northern Ireland], were raised in parliament by Lord Laird.
He said members of staff within the public body believed it was “now being run” by the Knights of Columbanus, an Irish Catholic lay organisation.
He also stated that this arrangement may have the backing of Opus Dei, the conservative Catholic grouping that features in the best-selling conspiracy novel, The Da Vinci Code.

“He also stated: “The difficulties at Waterways Ireland have moved on and it is widely believed by members of staff in Waterways Ireland and by those who are on the periphery that the organisation is now being run by the Knights of Columbanus, even with the support of an organisation called Opus Dei.”
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More prosiacally, Waterways Ireland doesn’t actually control the Northern Irish water supply – it controls the canals and waterways. Aha, the canals are now in control of the south! Next, the telegraph, and the steam engines!
Waterways Ireland is one of the six North/South Implementation Bodies established under the British Irish Agreement in 1999.
Waterways Ireland has responsibility for the management, maintenance, development and restoration of inland navigable waterways principally for recreational purposes. The waterways under the remit of the body are the Barrow Navigation, the Erne System, the Grand Canal, the Lower Bann, the Royal, the Shannon-Erne Waterway and the Shannon Navigation.
The headquarters for Waterways Ireland is in Enniskillen, and regional offices are located in Carrick-on-Shannon, Dublin and Scarriff.

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