Bosnian “Pyramid” not man-made, U.K. expert says


Regular blather readers will know that we’ve been following this one for a while now. So much so, that we could probably publish a small book on the subject. The latest twist comes from a news piece on National Geographic that states:

‘the president of the European Association of Archaeologists said on Friday that he had visited the 700-foot (213-meter) hill and saw no evidence that it was human-made.

Speaking at a press conference in Sarajevo, Anthony Harding told reporters the pyramid-shaped hill was a natural phenomenon.
“My opinion and the opinion of my colleagues is what we saw was entirely geological in nature,” the AFP news agency quoted him as saying.

From National Geographic
Original blather piece on the Bosnian ‘pyramid’

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  1. He made a pretty quick decision….only spending 15 minutes looking at it, and not actually visiting any of the excavations. Why is everyone so keen to dismiss this? Just let the guy finish digging (or even help) and then make your decisions.
    From the pictures i have seen there is no doubt that the WALLS, and POLISHED STONE are man made…but hey, I’m not the president of the European Association of Archaeologists.

  2. LOL spends 15 minutes. From what i have seen it is very real. Just check the excavation images at, if this proves to be real this idiot Anthony Harding should step down from his role and give up archaeology for ever. Close minded people have no place in this field. I believe his comments are made out of jealuosy.

  3. Well there are some archaeologists saying this is real and some saying this all fantasy. They’ve definitely uncovered man made structures but I’m still not convinced yet. They haven’t unearthed enough to show that they’re all part of some large pyramid structure.
    I think the main worry is the manner in which everything is being dug up. If it turns out that there is no pyramid there then they’ll have destroyed a lot of local heritage trying to find it.

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