Holiday in Caledonia Australis. Don’t forge to pack a cult leader…

Spotted on Warren Ellis Can See You:

Cult leader Debra Geileskey has been allegedly travelling on a false passport claiming to be a diplomat from a fictitious country called Caledonia Australis.
The sect leader, who attracted followers by claiming to receive messages from the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, allegedly had postage stamps issued from the fictitious country and used them to successfully send mail to the US.

Interestingly, the article mentions “academic Mike Garde” – is this the same Mike Garde is the Irish ‘cult buster’? Previously mentioned on this website about Garde’s attitude towards not-Christian religions?
Cult leader’s trail of lies
Wikipedia: Commonwealth of Caledonia Australis
Wikipeda: Magnificat Meal Movement

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  1. Well there is an Island between Australia and the Solomns /PNG called New Caledonia. Its ‘sorta’ French.
    issuing yer own postage stamps s kinda cool tho, wonder how long it would have taken them to print their own money?

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