Dublin “worst-case scenario” in EU for urban sprawl

From Breakingnews.ie:

The EU’s environmental body is reportedly using Dublin as an example of what not to do when it comes to urban planning.
Reports this morning say the European Environment Agency has identified Dublin’s urban sprawl as a “worst-case scenario” in city planning.
It reportedly says “extremely passive” planning policies have also led to undesirable urban sprawl in towns and villages throughout Ireland.
The assessment is contained in a study designed to help new EU member states like Poland avoid making the same mistakes.

Shure jasus, we could have told them that for nothing. There seems to be an attitude in Ireland. If it’s a greenfield, it’s going to waste, and should be be built on.
I remember a rather doltish neighbour of ours, years ago. Cast his eye over a wind bend in the river Slaney, outside our house, he thought it was a lake. “Isn’t that an awful waste of space? Do you not think they should fill it in and build houses on it?”

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