Aaron Russo: crackpot or heroic campaigner for freedom?

Aaron Russo, the producer of Trading Places, has made a documentary movie called America: Freedom to Fascism about the Federal Reserve being the real power in the USA, controlling the government, and the film also claims that the IRS has no legal or constitutional right to collect taxes from Americans. Here you can see him being interviewed on these issues by the Conscious Media Network, and you can judge his arguments for yourself.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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  1. Fascinating stuff, just viewed the interview will definitely be watching the movie. Does seem to put Michael Moore’s argument in the shade.

  2. One of only a few people I’ve seen who both understands the mechanations of the system and is articulate enough to convey his message against it.
    As I always say tho Fascism is a great idea, as long as you’re the one in the Jackboots

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