British WMD at Aldermaston investigated by weapons inspectors

It was a mucky, wet morning in Berkshire – but that didn’t stop hundreds of people from all over the country converging on the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) facility at Aldermaston. They arrived from all directions, by bus, train, bicycle and on foot. Their mission? – To carry out the world’s largest ever inspection of a nuclear weapons factory, following reports that Tony Blair is building a new nuclear weapon.

Steve Bell on Blair and the Trident replacement
Cartoonist Steve Bell on Blair and the Trident replacement (The Guardian, 24th November 2006)

The Atomic Weapons Establishment HQ at Aldermaston – click the symbols to find out about new developments on the site
(Information courtesy of Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament)

View the latest mobile images from Aldermaston on the Greenpeace UK moblog

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  1. my dad usedto work at aldermaston when it was a.w.r.e in the sixties. he was pretty mumon what went on there as he signed the official secrets act…….but he did tell of the typical swanning about and the huge waste of money doing silly experiments. and very little mention about aliens either, which always had me suspicious.

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