Movie Trailer: The Number 23

Over the years, we’ve mentioned the “23 Enigma” many times. Now there’s a feckin’ movie about it, and it looks rather… dire!

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  1. you remember the last schumacher/carrey job? that’s right kids, the execrable ‘batman forever’.

  2. No wait a minute…let’s me see here…one, two, three there’s twenty three words in your post. Sweet Mother of ….

  3. hmmm. the word ‘blather’ has seven letters. ‘snackbox’ has eight. add another seven for ‘bumgrape’ and you have… no, wait. that doesn’t work.
    hang on. i’ll be back.

  4. How bout ‘nutcrust’ with eight letters and ‘mousetrap’ with nine letters combined with blather which should just about make it work, doesn’t it?
    Shite! Now I’ve go to go.

  5. nah. i count that as twenty-four. which i’m watching now. series three in fact. jack bauer’s come down off of heroin and nobody has taken a piss in twenty-three hours.
    wait a minute. twenty-three hours. oh my good lord.

  6. In English class this morning we were reading the poetry of Robert Frost. I noticed that the date of publication was 23rd of April 1928. I went looking and also noticed that the first three lines contain 23 words. So do the last three lines. The remaining two groups of letters come to 27 words each and when 4 is taken form both sets eight words are left. I added this to the 5 and 10 (line numbers) on the right hand side of my page and got 23. Finally on leaving the classroom I looked back to see that i had been in room 23. Wierd.

  7. The movie is awesome I really enjoyed watching it!
    If you get a chance too see it, don’t miss it !
    The movie looks terrific, and though it
    always keeps moving, it never feels headlong or rushed.
    This is a very good movie It’s a total mind fuck I really became obsessed by 23 myself I even made a little site about The Number 23.
    I hope you will like it !
    Jackson Productions

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