The I-35W bridge in Minnesota, the Mothman and Lauren Coleman

Loren Coleman, of Cryptomundo has penned an intriuging piece about the recent collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minnesota, USA which has claimed up to 13 lives. From Cryptomundo:

For those noticing the overlaps in horror between the Silver Bridge collapse and the I-35W Bridge, the links between the two are apparent. It does seem strange they both were on highways designated with the number 35. Likewise, the reaction to both events has been large and understandable. In 1967, after the Silver Bridge fell, bridge inspections ordered by President Lyndon Johnson, never before done in the United States in any coordinated fashion, were begun because of the Silver Bridge incident.
Today, we talk about the Silver Bridge, the Eyebar #13 cause of the collapse, and Mothman, all in the same breath. But in the days after December 15, 1967, the news of bodies and vehicles that had been swept far down the Ohio River was in the media daily. List of survivors and their stories filled the papers in the same way as the features are nonstop on the television news channels today.

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