UFO’s over Bushey were ‘Chinese Lanterns’ released from Police club

Some time back, Blather reported on a UFO flap over Archway in London upon which, it was suggested to us that the sightings were caused by ‘Chinese Kongming lanterns’. Seems the suggestion may have been on the money. Another recent sighting, this time over Bushey in London, was revealed to be caused by the same type of lanterns. Which escaped from a session in a local Police club. Neil Skinner reports:

For the dozens of internet posters (some more serious than others) discussing recent mysterious lights in the skies above Hertfordshire, this photograph may go some way to unlocking the mystery.
The floating, circling UFOs seen last Saturday night were, it would appear, little more than Chinese lanterns released as part of a wedding celebration at the Bushey Police Club.

Bushey UFO mystery solved
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