Greenpeace, You don’t have to join us… to join us.

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I just thought this was a fantastic piece of work…

“Surfing YouTube with the Greenpeace Tag, it’s quite easy to discover unknown videos edited using our images. They are user generated productions from people from all over the world that care about the environment and want to spread a positive message. Ok, it should be nicer if they would make clear that are not “official” Greenpeace video (just say it in the end board and in the description), but I honestly find wonderful that so many people spend time and use their skills to do something for this planet using Greenpeace materials. It means that what we are doing works and – as this blog says – we are making waves.”

Here’s the advert, made by Johannes Kuemmel as his final project for the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg:

Read more, including an interview with the creator »

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