More about domestic covert propaganda in the USA

Previously on I highlighted American investigative journalist Robert Parry talking about how propaganda began to become an intense part of the American media during the Reagan years and the Iran-Contra affair. Recently Parry has been giving a series of interviews to the Real News Network. In this segment, he deals with how propaganda has “detached Americans from reality”. (Includes a rarely re-screened clip of propaganda from the Gulf War era, of the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter pretending to be someone else pretending to have seen fictional Iraqi soldiers take fictional babies from fictional incubators).

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  1. According to Buckminster Fuller (grunch of giants) the plan was put in motion long before Reagan. After WWII, the propaganda ministry heads were rewarded by, among other things, making their new peace-time Madison Avenue industry a valid business tax deduction. They all quickly became both wealthy and highly influential. Talk about a platinum GI-Bill!!

  2. I think the point is that the CIA had expertise on spreading propaganda in foreign countries for foreign audiences but it was illegal for them to do it in the USA. The change Parry is talking about begins with CIA propaganda expert Walter Raymond Jr. resigning from the CIA and joining the NSC, which I think was in June 1982. That would be the beginning of domestic covert propaganda in a way that you couldn’t call it anything else.

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