David Miliband: LIAR

Well, it is either he who is a LIAR or his lawyers… Either way, a LIE has been told, by or on the behalf of David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary of the UK, in the legal case that won’t go away: the kidnap and torture of Binyam Mohamed by the American government.
As we quoted from IPS News on Blather.net in February: ‘British Lord Justice Thomas and Mr. Justice Lloyd Jones stated repeatedly that Secretary Miliband claimed the U.S. had threatened to stop sharing intelligence with Britain if information relating to Mohamed’s alleged torture was disclosed.’
Now it turns out that the U.S. made no such threat! From The Independent, 9 May 2009: ‘Mr Mohamed’s lawyers said at a hearing last month it had since become clear from statements by Mr Miliband and others that the US had not threatened to withdraw intelligence co-operation.The supposed threat was not based on any contact with the Obama government or any knowledge as to whether or not his administration would maintain the position adopted under President George W Bush. Foreign Office lawyers apologised for its unintentional failure to correct the misunderstanding…’
I can’t comprehend how this could be a ‘misunderstanding’. How does this not look like Miliband or Foreign Office lawyers were DOWNRIGHT LYING?
Anyway, there’s now been a ‘High Court decision to reconsider a ruling which bans the disclosure of his alleged torture at the hands of US and Pakistani intelligence services with the collusion of British agents’.
But it’s still ‘alleged’ torture, is it? It won’t be when the ‘paragraphs summarising US Government reports on Mr Mohamed’s treatment’ get published.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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