DNA Serfdom

UK: Whether a peasant is innocent of stealing a goat, or guilty, the British State will retain DNA records of all serfs regardless, according to a new decree issued by Vampire-in-chief the Countess Jacqui “I want your Blood!” Smith R.I.P.
‘The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is accused today of undermining the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” by insisting on keeping DNA records of people cleared of crime’ – The Independent, 7 May 2009.
‘There are creatures crawling around beneath the paving stones outside my shed that would fill the great office of state of Home Secretary with greater dignity, intellect and competence’ – Matthew Norman, ‘How we’ll all miss Jacqui Smith’, The Independent, 7 May 2009.
‘It seems to be as about as minimal a response to the European court of human rights judgment as one could conceive. There is a presumption not of innocence but of future guilt here … which I find very disturbing indeed’ – DNA pioneer Sir Alec Jeffreys, The Guardian, 7 May 2009.
‘Smith’s proposal still clings to the notion of creating a compulsory national DNA database by stealth. Instead of openly arguing and campaigning for this, Smith seeks to build one incrementally, slyly and on the quiet’ – Mark Thomas, The Guardian, 7 May 2009.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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