Total Victory for the Israel Lobby’s Espionage Activities: Rosen-Weissman Case Dropped

The U.S. prosecution against two officials of the Israel lobby group AIPAC, Steve Roseman and Keith Weissman, for espionage against the United States on behalf of Israel, has been dropped. The case apparently folded because of the fear of classified government information being revealed during the trial.
Rosen and Weissman never denied that they gave top secret U.S. information from the Pentagon to the Israeli government, and the Pentagon official who provided the information, Larry Franklin, pled guilty to espionage and was convicted. But Rosen and Weissman’s ludicrous defence was that everything they were doing was normal for lobbyists, just fine, and in the interests of the United States (even though it wasn’t).
It might be ‘normal’ for AIPAC to marshal its lobbying forces and within three hours stop the U.S. government from appointing the chairman of its own National Intelligence Council. It might be ‘normal’ for the same lobby to be the ultimate decision-making authority over who gets to be the U.S. ambassador to Iraq. But is it now ‘normal’ for the Israeli government to have free access to all top secret documents from the Pentagon? This is not comparable to the leaking of secret documents to the press, or anything like that. This was not done in the public interest. This was walking documents into the Israeli embassy. This was aiding a foreign power.
And what was the top secret information? Franklin was an Iran specialist, so this all had to do with Israel trying to concoct reasons for the U.S. to go to war with Iran. Like that would be in anyone’s interest. But hey, if the Americans were stupid enough to go to war in Iraq, why not Iran? And anyway, it’s worth a shot, there’s no punishment for spying or, for that matter, controlling the careers of American politicians, so why not do whatever you want with America, your plaything? If the Sibel Edmonds case is anything to go by, Israeli phd students have already been employed as moles in every nuclear lab and agency in the USA (see’s ‘Black Market Nukes!’ series, part three), so Yahweh only knows what’s coming next.
Of course, if Rosen had been convicted, he was going to sue AIPAC and spill the beans on all their shenanigans, as he had only been following orders. AIPAC until now had not been able to pull strings to get Rosen and Weissman off (though they had tried), but this existential threat to AIPAC from Rosen must have got the big wheels moving somewhere in the establishment. Rosen and Weissman’s lawyers did make sure to say they were ‘extremely grateful’ to the Obama administration.
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  1. Thank you for reporting on this matter. Unfortunately, our major media here in the U.S. gives us just bits and pieces and not the whole enchilada. It amazes me that any one foreign power has the influence and control this tiny country has on U.S. foreign policy and U.S. congress ( and therefore billions and billions of U.S. taxpayers’ dollars).
    Every year, in addition to many billions of dollars in “aid”, congress writes off the billions and billions in “loans”. They then declare they have a “AA” rating in the loan department. UhHUH.
    Israeli leadership has no desire for peace with the Christian and Moslem Arabs. That would mean an end to population their territory with Jews. Israel is a little country that wants to be a big country, and is in the process of doing a land grab. Peace could put an end to that goal. They want as many “facts on the ground” (Jews) as they can so they can annex as much of the Palestinian territory into Israel. The “security fence” (with a quarter million Palestinian Arabs on the Israeli side), grabs most of the precious water and farmable land. Only a quarter of all Palestian land is farmable. They also get a massive number of centuries old Palestinian olive groves.
    The Israelis are a major reason we Americans are hated in the Mideast. Oil should be our concern, not Israeli Jews.

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