Protests in Tehran – The Revolution Will Be Twittered

You may be unaware of this, but there’s a proper little propaganda fight emerging on social media streams this morning. The disputed Iranian election results have led to widespread protests and conflicting information as to whether today’s mass rally, which is due to start in (*looks at watch*) an hour will go ahead.

Youtube videos are appearing and dissapearing and a flame war is erupting on Twitter – which has provided the most up to date news from inside Tehran – despite the government doing their utter best to shut down all online communications.

Update: 14:53
The best, up-to-the-minute reports are coming from two particular twitter feeds, @persiankiwi and @stopahamadi. So far today, social media streams, notably twitter, have been thrashing mainstream media outlets like CNN, SkyNews and the Guardian in their coverage of what’s happening inside Tehran. Frankly, their coverage has been pathetic.
Update: 14:59
Screengrab from BBC Persia. Hat-tip.

Update: 15:05

Excellent coverage at The Huffington Post
Update: 15:19
BBC reporting tens of thousands on streets of Tehran
Protester shields riot policeman #newiran #iranelection (via ... on Twitpic
(image of protester shielding Riot Police Officer from yesterday’s protests)
#IranElection First pictures from protests in Enghelab. (ref:... on Twitpic
(first image from inside Enghelab)
Latest footage from Tehran

Tehran – this afternoon
Another amazing image of pro-Mousavi protests in Tehran via h... on Twitpic
Footage from BBC Persia:

Update: 16.18. Holy shite!
Iran / today / Tehran #IranElection on Twitpic

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