Is Sardinia Atlantis?

(image by ezioman, used under a Creative Commons License)
Been a while since we’ve had a good Atlantis slapdown round here:

Top scholars have gathered in Rome recently to discuss the exciting and controversial idea that Sardinia is the lost island of Atlantis.
The theory, developed in a book by the Italian journalist Sergio Frau, has drawn international acclaim but also fuelled heated criticism.

Duelling pistols at the ready…

Despite selling 30,000 copies in Italy, a detailed 20-point appeal by 250 academics has dismissed the book, claiming it sensationalises Sardinian history.

Translation: they think Mr. Frau’s theories are a pile of shite.

But the theory received a major boost last year, when the United Nations cultural heritage body UNESCO organised a symposium on the issue in Paris, suggesting the idea was worth serious consideration.

Well, I never. So what happens next?

Academics, archaeologists, geologists and historians from across Italy have met in Rome’s Accademia dei Lincei to look at the theory in closer depth and discuss possible paths of future research.

In yer face Atlantis haters. More as we get it.
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