Our Lady’s Stump

our lady's stump.jpg
(image by billyleen, used under a Creative Commons License)
I often wonder if Ireland is not some displaced segment of Latin America, with its exaggerated ways and voluptuous customs and Catholic bizarreness! Not a day goes by when some black-clad widow isn’t throwing multi-coloured beads round the neck of some blood-soaked statue of Christ, while virgins in white smocks are crucified in ritualistic punishments in secretive, cultish orphanages run by feverishly insane clergy.
The Irish Times reports on how in the remote, archaic parish of Rathkeale ‘residents attempt to save tree stump they say depicts Our Lady‘ (i.e. Mary, the BVM, the Mother of God etc.).

August 14 update:‘Sacred’ tree stump restored after attack »

“A tree stump which worshippers say depicts an image of the Blessed Virgin has been returned to its former state following an attack by vandals.”

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