Obama Eventually Decides Not To Provoke Russia into WWIII

At last, some sense seems to have seeped into the head of the suit ruling the USA. ‘President Obama scrapped his predecessor’s proposed antiballistic missile shield in Eastern Europe on Thursday’ reads the article in New York Times and not a moment too soon. Stockpiling US missiles all along the Russian border was never what you could call a good idea for those of us who actually don’t want to end the world. 8 months after taking control of the nuclear switches it seemed to finally occur to the guy ostensibly in charge. He must have got round to reading Survival of the Human Species, for Dummies, the children’s book I sent him on 20 January.
Of course, stupidity and evil have not been removed from the equation, as Dumbama ‘ordered instead the development of a reconfigured system designed to shoot down short- and medium-range Iranian missiles’, which is ‘defence’ against an Iranian nuclear weapons programme that the IAEA confirms does not exist. So the weapons corporations will still make money, only that the weapons will be on ships rather than in Poland or the Czech Republic. And we’re all still expected to fall for ye olde ‘weapons of mass destruction’ line about Iran to justify the expense. Do you think we’re dumb, Dumbama? Or are you stupid yourself? Anyway, congratulations on figuring out that you don’t want war with Russia! Yay!
(Photo lifted from Pumas Unleashed)

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