‘…a type of hell…’

‘As an Afghan woman who was elected to Parliament, I am in the United States to ask President Barack Obama to immediately end the occupation of my country. Eight years ago, women’s rights were used as one of the excuses to start this war. But today, Afghanistan is still facing a women’s rights catastrophe. Life for most Afghan women resembles a type of hell that is never reflected in the Western mainstream media. In 2001, the U.S. helped return to power the worst misogynist criminals, such as the Northern Alliance warlords and druglords. These men ought to be considered a photocopy of the Taliban.’
read the full opinion piece by Malalai Joya in the Mercury News.
Malalai Joya ‘was elected to Afghanistan”s parliament in 2005 and kicked out in 2007 by the warlords’.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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  1. i am for the afghan woman.they need some freedom.they need to be educated.they need to be respected.we need to help them if they want our help.sister Debbie muslimtoysanddolls.com

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