Hardy Bucks: As sick as a plane to Lourdes

While I was summering in high latitudes, the whole country was apparently up in arms over Hardy Bucks, a groundbreaking documentary series, set in the western Irish city of Castletown. I was barely off the plane before the sister was on to me about the “Hardy Bucks”. I thought it was some form of extreme bookbinding. But no.
There was a time when RTE would miss out on beautiful opportunities like this one, but they seem to have some good heads above in Montrose at the moment. In a rare of example of not missing out on a beautiful opportunity , RTE named Hardy Bucks the winner of the Storyland competition. I strongly suggest you watch all nine episodes… and wet yourself laughing.

Hardy Bucks on Youtube
Hardy Bucks on Facebook
Hardy Bucks on Wikipedia (includes episode guide”
Storyland: Hardy Bucks on RTE

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  1. Yeah, I’ve watched them all – great stuff.
    “It’s a dirty puddle that won’t cool a hot iron”

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