UK Obeys US Imperial Command and Sends UFO Hacker McKinnon to his Death

Ok, this has been reported in the mainstream, but there’s no way you should miss this story, so I’m highlighting it here. UFO-fan Gary McKinnon hacked into the Pentagon’s and NASA’s computers, found out only one interesting thing (about a secret US spaceship) and is now to be extradited from the UK to the US where the ever-paranoid prison-friendly American ‘justice’ system wants to put him away for (count ’em) 60 years. He is 43 years old, so he would die in prison for hacking into trivial Uncle Sam shite.
The low, servile British ‘Home’ Secretary, Alan Johnson, Yankee cock rammed firmly up his damp New Labour arsehole, has announced that McKinnon’s ‘extradition to the United States must proceed forthwith.’
First, read the Jon Ronson interview with McKinnon from 2005, then read today’s news about McKinnon’s extradition.

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  1. I agree with his extradition descision. If he’s intelligent enough to hack into the Pentagon’s computer, then he’s intelligent enough to know it’s a crime.

  2. I think the Americans want to shut him up, so he doesn’t mention anymore about what he actually might have uncovered.
    A large number of Astronauts and Cosmonauts have been on record as having seen some unexplainable things in space–and they didn’t have “autism” either.
    The Yanks have effectively hip-thrusted Johnson into handing over Mr. Mckinnon to a foreign nation, in order to keep things secret.

  3. The guy is just trying to find out the truth , we should all try to find out the truth !!! They will just call him a terrorist and kill him ! who is the real terrorist here ?

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