Remember that Declared Jihad?

You may recall that back in January, Heinrich Bivouac, head of PR at, declared jihad. This was to see if he’d get arrested by the keystone cops and have the quiet English cricket pavilion he owns stormed by the SAS. The context of this was a Mr Paul Chambers joking in a casual way on Twitter that he’d blow up an English airport because his flight might get cancelled, and he was then arrested by lazy, Twitter-addicted, paranoid, Menezes-shooting, stupido police detective idiots. Well, now it seems the UK’s courts are full of dunderheaded, pudding-brained time-wasters as well, because he’s been found guilty and fined! The fact this even went to trial shows utter contempt for the public and commits the British sense of humour to the infamous ash-bin of history. Alas, poor jokes, I knew them well! You can follow this disaster on Twitter. There is also a Twitter Joke Trial Fund to help Mr Chambers remove the jackboot of the state from his face. No attempt has yet been made to arrest, question or prosecute Heinrich Bivouac, yet we wish you to be aware that his and’s jihad continues in earnest, and the threat grows!

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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