Reminders that the U.S. is still at war in Iraq

‘At some point in the last two weeks, you may have been told by someone in the news that combat operations in Iraq were over, and that the last combat troop had left the country. Well, the Associated Press is not having any of it, and in a memo from their standards editor, Tom Kent, the law in this regard has been laid down, in no uncertain terms: “To begin with, combat in Iraq is not over, and we should not uncritically repeat suggestions that it is, even if they come from senior officials.”‘
Huffington Post, AP Issues Standards Memo: ‘Combat In Iraq Is Not Over’.
‘With the Obama Administration having successfully transitioned public perception of the Iraq War into something in the past, the 50,000 US troops still on the ground are still engaging in combat missions, even if no one is calling them that officially anymore. But less often mentioned are the massive army of private security contractors, tens of thousands of whom remain in Iraq and continue to go on largely as they have, fighting the same war they have been fighting for seven and a half years.’
–, ‘As Iraq War Continues, a Surge in Contractors – Private Contractors Also Engaged in Combat Missions‘.

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