Typical FBI Attempt to Create Terrorism – Fails This Time! (updated thrice)

Most ‘terrorists’ these days have been indoctrinated and radicalized by FBI agents, because the Federal Bureau of Entrapment cannot find any real terrorists to arrest and has to look busy rather than close up shop once and for all, on the grounds of uselessness. However, sometimes people just don’t want to become ‘terrorists’, so when the feds sent an agent to a Los Angeles mosque to get some jihad goin’ on, their man soon found that the mosque did not like his views and had taken out a restraining order against him! So he didn’t get to start any ‘terrorism’ with ‘plots’ for his colleagues to ‘foil’ in this entirely fake realm of policing.

‘FBI plant banned by mosque – because he was too extreme’
Updates (follow the links and read ’em all):
LA Times 8 December 2010, ‘Arrest made in plot to blow up Baltimore-area military recruiting center – Suspect had made posts on Facebook, watched bin Laden videos‘, which seems more like a case of a straightforward ‘homegrown terrorist’, but questions remain about how much the FBI groomed this one.
‘In all three cases, the major accomplice was not al-Qaeda or the Taliban. It was the FBI.’ – Foreign Policy in Focus article by John Feffer, ‘Lighting the Terrorist Fuse’, 14 December 2010.
‘…new questions about whether the government is going too far in trying to identify potentially dangerous operatives, prompting a debate about whether investigators are entrapping suspects who lack the genuine desire or ability to carry out the plots. In both cases, government informants first identified the suspects on the Internet and then undercover agents engaged them in elaborate ruses…’
USA Today, ‘FBI’s terror sting tactics questioned‘, 15 December 2010.
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