I Was A Chinese Free Improviser

Back on 7 June 2006, Yan Jun visited Sound of Mu here in Oslo and I had the experience of playing improv with him and others at a concert. Who’s he? Well, his self-description goes like this: “Yan Jun, sound artist and improviser. Well known as music critic, poet and organizer in Chinas indie music and sub-culture scene for years. Born in Lanzhou in 1973. BA in Chinese Language & Literature. Now lives and works in Beijing. Founder of Sub Jam and KwanYin labels. Founder of Tie Guan Yin (free-form electro-acoustic improvised project). Runs the Waterland Kwanyin weekly event for experimental/improvised music and sound art.” You can download an mp3 recording of the show here at yanjun.org (128kbps, 25MB). It’s a cross between free jazz and noise – not something I would normally play but it was a special occasion. Details:

Recording: MD with cheap microphone
Yan Jun: laptop (for duo), pedal, voice, percussion (for sextet), pedal control for saxophone
Li Tieqiao: saxophone
Barry: synthesizer
Rolf-Erik Nystroem (of Poing): saxophone
Ketil Gutvik: guitar
Kai Mikalsen: hardware

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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