Barry Kavanagh

My name is Barry Kavanagh, an Irish man living in Norway. My line of business is writing, music and art. I run an art gallery/venue in Oslo called Sound of Mu.

I have lived the following life:

2000 Woke up in Dublin, Ireland.
2000 CD, Mis-showbusiness by Dacianos.
2002 CD, Hold Music by Dacianos.
2002 I moved to London.
2005 I moved to Norway.
2007 CD, In A Weird Chalet 2004-2006 by Dacianos.
2008 CD, Sceneity by Hanny.
2008 Book, A Load of Blather, co-written with Dave Walsh and Damien DeBarra.
2008 I wrote the introduction to Haunted Dublin by Dave Walsh.
2009 CD, Gratis? by Dacianos.

This blog, ‘North’, is about the idea of being in Norway. It informs you about Norwegian culture, often describing art and music about which there is no information in English on the internet. The other main purpose is to update you on my misadventures.

‘North’ is currently on hiatius caused by cosmic ennui but will be back in 2010. Each entry is accompanied by a picture. Pictures in 2005-6 were taken on a phone but as of 2007 they have been taken on a digital camera.

Norwegian words, and other odd words that crop up are explained in the glossary.

What they said about ‘North’:

‘I am not impressed by your quality of thinking’ – University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute.

‘Heya! I Am the Hero of your nightmare ! if you want, we may meet at my bloody Darkness underworld !’ – a self-professed vampire.

‘Am 31 years a Ghanaian based in Italy looking for Norway woman for a serious relationship that i hope to get to marriage’ – someone who should probably remain anonymous.

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