From the Bosom of Mother Hackney

This week I introduced yet another band to the Norwegian public. Morning Bride are an American/British 5-piece based in Hackney, East London (where I used to live). They even sing a song about it, “Mother Hackney”. As usual, I arranged for all band members to stay in the building, in the apartments above Sound of Mu, for that “communal experience” or whatever you’d like to call it.

What’s the music like? Damned entertaining (or Americana), if you want to use categories, but really their songs are so catchy with their big payoff chorouses that the listener experiences something a bit more general than a genre act.They’ve been busy in their East London hellhole, and have released two singles and an album, Lea Valley Delta Blues, on Letterbox Records.
From left to right you can see: Pete (guitar), Jim (drums), Alexa (cello), Amity (voice, casiotone mt45, melodica) and Mark (voice and bass). At Sound of Mu they played with my band Dacianos; our latest live 4-piece can be seen photographed here on Morning Bride also moseyed over to Mir to play with That Lonesome Sound (listen to them on their myspace).
Download Morning Bride songs for free at:
Morning Bride’s website
Morning Bride’s myspace

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Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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