Penguins etc.

While my computer died and I was getting a new hard drive, a large number of North readers emailed me about this story of a penguin who was a member of the Norwegian armed forces (!) getting knighted. Watch the video here. Yes, we have heard about this absurd story in Norway, vaguely, but the Norwegian population don’t realize how big the story is, and how no-one will ever take them seriously again. About anything. Ever.

While we’re on the subject of penguins, I have learned that some dadaist-type people I know once went to the Norwegian parliament on behalf of the penguins of Bouvet Island, demanding their rights!
And while we’re on the subject of Bouvet Island, it seems that last year a Norwegian research station on the island disappeared! Possibly blown away. Or have the penguins got more militant? And what do they think of the penguin who is clearly on the Norwegian side?
Hmm. What do you reckon the penguin knows anything about Norway, or flags, or any of that? He’s probably just thinking about fish and wondering where his friends are.
“Another day, trapped with irritating apes,” he thinks to himself.
MEANWHILE back in the real world, I no longer seem to be living on Norway’s #1 drug corner. The cops did a big sweep of African hash dealers, arrested 48 people, and all is quiet now. But taking into consideration that the trade only existed because people are actually buying hash, I wonder how long before the next bunch of street dealers arrive?

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