The Blather North Podcast

#1: Grunneier
Part one of three. Blather North‘s roving and raving reporter, Barry Kavanagh, attends a party at Mir in Oslo for the radio show SuperSoniskSommer on the station RadiOrakel (see poster) and interviews a random member of the public, a chef called Nils, who had been presented a list of topics he could choose to talk about. He chose the Norwegian concept of grunneier and talks about it.
Mp3 9 min 11 secs.
Recorded by Barry Kavanagh and edited by John Birger Wormdahl.
(Next week: some music from Tøyen.)
Update August 2009: owing to repeated court actions by Concerned Parents Against, this podcast is no longer available.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos and presently with the forthcoming "voodoo project".

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