Mystery Whale & Dolphin Deaths

‘More than 100 whales and 10 dolphins have been found dead on a remote beach on Tasmania’s west coast.’

‘The long-finned pilot whales and bottle-nosed dolphins were washed up at Point Hibbs, south of the fishing town of Strahan.’
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What’s going on?
Ok, it’s not the first time that this has happened… but what could kill so many animals? Illness? A feeding frenzy? Attacks by Orcas? Or was it caused by some sort of rogue pinging by sonars?
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It lists the havoc caused by sonar…

26th November 2003:

Experts study teeth marks on beached whalesMore»
Update 21/1/04:
Greenpeace/BBC: Campaigners tackle dolphin deaths »
Two campaign groups are joining forces to try to help the thousands of marine mammals killed annually in UK waters.
Greenpeace and the UK-based Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society say some dolphins could be pushed closer towards extinction by harmful fishing methods.
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