I may be the poorest person you know! At least I was, in the tax year 2005.
In Norway, everyone’s incomes and the amount of tax they have paid are made public on the revenue service’s website. You can look up anybody. I think this is fantastic. Imagine the consternation this would cause in Ireland where everyone is vague about their true earnings! Ha.
Best of all, when you look me up, you just get zero! As a matter of fact I did do some work in 2005, and I paid tax on it, but the tax was returned to me this month. I earned so little that it was tax free, and so little it doesn’t even register. Or, at least that’s what I’m saying!

Go to
Click on “Søk i skattelista” (in the big blue rectangle on the right hand side of the screen).
Then look me up!
Fornavn* Barry
Etternavn* Kavanagh
Poststed* Oslo
Alder (+/- 5 år) 33
Kode* (put in the letters you see in the picture – you will probably need to use Norwegian characters like æ å ø. If you don’t have a Norwegian computer keyboard, maybe you have Word? If so, “Insert Symbol” into a blank document and then cut and paste the symbol into the Kode* field on the website. Or you could just copy and paste from here, couldn’t you?: æ å &oslash).
Click “Søk”
Then you’ll see me. Income: zero. Tax paid: zero.
Feel free to look up all the famous Norwegians you’ve ever heard of.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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