Back to North

In 2007 I managed 35 entries of North. Shame, I meant to write 52. Sorry! And I’m starting 2008 a bit late too. Ah well.

I’ve been back in the country 1 week, during which time I returned to work (ordering stuff for Sound of Mu, fixing/replacing things, covering the bar shifts of sick staff, trying to organize flights for a guest musician – yes, a million annoying small things at once, it’s that class of job); auditioned for a part in an advert (!); DJed at freaky nightspot Spasibar; travelled to suburbia to record a piano part for the Hanny album (although I’ve now left that band); spoke with 35 different people, sent 32 text messages, and finished reading three books. I would say that that’s an average week, and some people might be kept amused with a life like that, but I need more ‘blank’ days if I am to finally finish writing that novel I devised in 2004.
Anyway, I look forward to blogging for you on North in 2008, although I have no idea what I’ll be reporting on yet. itself is likely to take off in crazy new directions. Godt nytt år!

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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