A photograph of my “isle of the dead” photograph

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Get a print of this iceberg photograph.

I just got an email from Tokyo-based Irish journalist David McNeill (The Independent, Japan Focus, of a print of one my images on his living room wall. It’s a very odd feeling to think that this picture is hanging on a wall in Tokyo. The image is of the "Isle of the dead" iceberg from the Antarctic trip earlier this year.

BTW, I have no idea who the chap on the left is, but I assume he’s someone important.
Update: He’s Charles Jenkins:

"Charles Jenkins describes the moment in 1965 when he left his US Army post and defected to North Korea as the biggest mistake of his life. In the next 40 years he was beaten, starved and lost his identity. Now free and living in Japan, he granted a rare interview to David McNeill"
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