Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin

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Ingredients: Perfect sky, a wide-angle lens, a polarizing filter and a great building.

Christ Church Cathedral – the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity in Dublin, Ireland is the elder of the city’s two mediæval cathedrals. It is officially claimed as the seat or cathedra of both the Church of Ireland and Roman Catholic archbishops of Dublin. In practice it has been the cathedral of only the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin, since the Irish Reformation.

The cathedral was begun in 1038 by King Sitric Silkenbeard, the Danish Viking King of Dublin, for the first Bishop of Dublin. Henry II attended the Christmas service at the cathedral in 1171, and in the years thereafter, Strongbow and other Anglo-Norman magnates helped to fund a complete rebuilding of Christ Church, comprising the construction of a choir, choir aisles and transepts, the crypt, and chapels. Christ Church was extensively renovated in Victorian times, with the sponsorship of distiller Henry Roe, of Mount Anville.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, Christ Churchs crypt was used as a market, a meeting place for business, and at one stage even a pub as a letter of 1633 says "the vaults from one end of the minster to the other are made into tippling houses for beer, wine and tobacco".

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