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.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } Waving for the camera - Busy Pedestrian Crossing at Shibuya, Tok, originally uploaded by blather. A French tourist waves for the cameras at the scramble crossing at Hachiko Square Shibuya, reportedly the world's busiest pedestrian crossing. It's surrounded by video screens, giving a very Bladerunner feel. It's overlooked by one of the busiest Starbucks cafes in the world, from where this photograph was taken. The crossing also features in a scene from Lost in Translation with Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson.