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Roadside attraction, Pahiatua, on the Wellington-Napier road (Highway 2) New Zealand, yesterday...


Just north of Masterton, North Island, highway 2, yesterday. Purchase print of red barn » Made me think of: Tom Waits Murder In The Red Barn (Tom Waits/K. Brennan) There was a murder in the red barn Murder in the red barn The trees are bending over The cows are lying down The autumn's taking over You can hear the buckshot hounds The watchman said to Reba the loon Was it pale at Manzanita Or Blind Bob the raccoon? Pin it on a drifter They sleep beneath the bridge One plays the violin And sleeps inside a fridge There was a murder in the red barn A murder in the red barn Someone's crying in the woods Someone's burying all his clothes Now Slam the Crank from Wheezer Slept outside last night and froze Road kill has its seasons Just like anything It's possums in the autumn And it's farm...


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Just before dinner too! License this image: Port Gore, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand Sunset over Port Gore, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand. Port Gore is the famous last resting place of the Soviet luxury cruise liner Mikhail Lermontov, which sank on February 16th, 1986 while trying to navigate the narrow passage between Cape Jackson and Lighthouse Rock. Port Gore was the also original site on which the Maori Rangitane iwi arrived in Marlborough.


The sun took its time yesterday, finally poking through the mists to flaunt a sacred halo... Sundog at sunrise Croisilles Harbour, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand - a halo of ice crystals around the sun. Download high resolution version