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At last, another issue of Blather – issues have been far and few between recently, for a plethora of reasons, including problems with Best Internet’s mailing list server, excursions to Edinburgh, and a nasty flu contracted by the Chief Blatherskite himself. Things *should* be back to normal, but we do forsee shifting both website and mailing list to an Irish server – stay tuned.
This week though, we welcome back Our Man in London, Agent Mark Pilkington, who tells us of recent encounters with the enigmatic David Icke . On Thursday last, Scotland had its biggest earthquake in over 100 years, with its epicentre around 3 miles (4.8k) from the Isle of Arran. On Friday, *The Express* newspaper made mention of how Icke had predicted (some years ago) that Arran would sink during 1999.

+Here Be Dragons (and that way lies madness)+
Anyone who caught David Icke’s media appearances in the wake of the Glen Hoddle affair, or read his press release (“the meaning of life has been highjacked (sic) for centuries by mainstream religion”) might have thought that the ex goalkeeper formerly known as the Son of God had regained some semblance of normality. They could never understand how wrong they would be…
*Purple Vibration*
On 15th February Icke addressed a standing-room only crowd of about 600 at London’s Conway Hall. Young and old, straights and heads, virtually every one of them appeared to be there in good faith. Spotting an empty seat near the front, I sat down next to a studious looking guy in his early twenties, pen and notebook in hand. Ah good, I thought, a fellow hack; “Are you familiar with Icke’s material then?” He certainly was – an avid follower since Icke’s days as emissary for the purple vibration, he was stunned by his new role as arch-nemesis of the New World Order: “I can’t believe I’m living on a planet where all this stuff is going on,” he told me. I know what he means.
After an agonising, interminable blast of hideous American ballad-rock (Faith of the Heart – the lyrics were projected onto a screen to aid our appreciation), Icke appears to a hero’s welcome. Dressed in black and purple and brandishing a gold laser-pointer, he smiles and smoothes his burgeoning duck-tail hairdo before beginning.
Over the last two years he’s toured 20 countries, and everywhere, he tells us, “there’s an awakening going on. People’s minds are opening. After thousands of years we’re going to see the human race free.” After this rousing build-up he thaws the awed audience’s icy glaze with some (admittedly pretty funny) bible-referencing Clinton jokes.
Then it’s back to the rabble-rousing. “We’ve out-sheeped the sheep; we’ve dispensed with the sheep dog. We police each other. It’s become a crime to be different, to walk away from the herd and say “I am me, I am free.” “Yeah, right” cries a woman from behind the row me. It’s a long way to the exit.
We’re all “surrounded by the eggshell of programmed thought and response – the self-imposed barrier to our infinity.” It’s time to break out and shine, sunny side up. Mind control, free energy, cancer cures, weather control – all these things exist and all are kept from us by the hand that feeds us, while they tighten the chains around our necks. These are the well-manicured mitts of the hidden elite, the eyes at the top of the pyramid, Them.
*Majesty, Sun Worship and Child Sacrifice*
We’d better start at the beginning. Cast your mind back to the dawn of civilisation, 7 or 8000 years ago (that’s what he says). The great palaces of Phoenicia, Sumer and Babylon; times of majesty, sun worship and child sacrifice. You may think we’ve come a long way since then, but little has changed.
Even today, jewel-encrusted daggers silence innocent young lives as forked-tongues hiss excitedly in the darkness all around. Global power is, and always has been, contained within a very limited gene-pool. European royalty, American presidents, financiers, military leaders, they can all be traced back to the same source. Welcome back the Nephilim. These giants amongst men have been getting a fair bit of exposure lately, most notably via Andy Collins’ From the Ashes of Angels. He considers them the advanced, lost civilisation of ten thousand years back, identified by some as Atlanteans.
But Icke knows better. The mighty Nephilim, were in fact a race of hybrids created by our true masters, the inspiration for a thousand gods worldwide – a species of hyper-intelligent reptilian extraterrestrials. This, then, is the Biggest Secret of Icke’s new 500-page epic. Diana knew it – and that was why she had to die. “They’re not human,” she’s quoted as telling a friend of the royal family, “they’re all reptiles, lizards”.
So that’s the punchline. The rest is in the details, and there are plenty of them. As the man himself says: “Everything fits together with everything else if you go for long enough.” For example, mark the solstices and equinoxes on a circle symbolising the sun – what you have now is the key, the true mark of the beast – “the sun on a cross”, geddit? Look at NATO’s logo, the CIA, the freemasons.
*The Signs*
The signs are everywhere, we just need the eyes to see. Listening to Icke, you get the feeling that he believes more or less everything he’s told, sees, hears and reads. Or perhaps he just thinks his audiences do. Take this anecdote for example; Icke describes being contacted by a CIA operative – anonymous of course – who had some terrifying information for him. On discovering some of the terrible things being done to US citizens in the name of national security, this agent had begun to challenge his superiors and ask why, oh why, things have to be this way.
Soon after he underwent an episode of missing time, awaking to find a sachet of yellow liquid surgically attached to his chest. This he showed to Icke. It contained, he said, a drug that had to be replaced every 72 hours, or the agent would die. Get those Soya sauce sachets ready for Icke’s next appearance kids!
Consider also some of Icke’s sources; most of his material appears to be cobbled together from others’ work in a frenzy of paranoiac connectivity. Kathy O’Brien’s Trance Formation of America clearly made quite an impression. Described by Icke as “biography”, it tells the tale of O’Brien, a survivor of Project Monarch, a mind control spin-off of MKULTRA, whereby innocent Americans are brainwashed into use as sex slaves and assassins for the power-crazed reptilian elite. Amongst other fanciful atrocities, O’Brien saw George Bush return to his true reptilian form at the height of a child sacrifice.
They just can’t help themselves when they get excited. Wouldn’t Monica Lewinsky have something to say about this? It was his dealings with O’Brien that convinced researcher Martin Cannon to abandon in despair his popular “Controllers” hypothesis, which proposed that alien abductions were a cover story for government mind control experimentation. “When you get into mind control,” says Icke, “many things become possible that previously weren’t.”
*Bildergerger Group et al*
The intense, cramp-inducing rants of Bill Cooper is another clear – though unspoken – reference point, fanning the flames in the war against the Illuminati-run United Nations, Trilateral Commission, Bildergerger Group et al. The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, the monster-seller which traces the living bloodline of Jesus Christ, also gets a look in. Conspiracy theories are all about connections, and connections don’t run any deeper than blood. Icke personally claims to have traced the genetic heritage of the US presidents, finding that they all came from the same reptilian gene-pool.
Sharpening his compass points, Icke also steers us around that other old chestnut, sacred geometry, finding owls and pentagrams littering the street maps of London, Paris and Washington DC. I guess this is what’s meant by confusing the map with the territory. Owls, along, naturally, with serpents and dragons, are a favourite symbol of the reptilians. This is perhaps surprising given that birds of prey tend to make easy meat out of snakes and lizards, but never mind.
Maybe the child sacrifices keep those owls at bay, eh? One spectacular photo displayed by Icke shows robed figures standing around a blazing fire in front of what appears to be a 40ft statue of an owl. This was allegedly taken at Bohemia Grove in California – a favoured get-away for world political and financial leaders – in the midst of a ritual child-sacrifice.
Another photo, allegedly taken at Bohemia Grove in 1957 shows then B-movie-star Ronald Reagan enjoying a tipple with vice-president Richard Nixon, alongside Manhattan Project member and Nobel Prize-winning chemist Glenn Seaborg. You do have to wonder sometimes, but remember David, the owls are not what they seem.
And so it goes on. And on. And on. Whatever you might say about Icke, he’s a phenomenal speaker, a human whirlwind sucking up information, twisting it round, forming new connections and spitting it out again in a smorgasbord of reconstituted belief. It’s the nature of conspiracy theories, especially those as vast and all-encompassing as Icke’s, that they will hit on occasional truths in the course of their meanderings. Yes, too much global power is in the hands of a handful of corporations and politicians.
Yes, these same names do crop up again and again in world matters. No, this probably isn’t an ideal state of affairs, especially for those at the bottom of Icke’s marketing-seminar-style pyramid charts. But what does any of this have to do with ancient religions, child sacrifice and reptilian hybrids?
Icke certainly gives the impression that he believes what he’s saying, but much of the talk, even the humour, is clearly geared towards an American audience, and there are a lot of auditoriums to fill over there. Anyway, in some respects the question of belief is unimportant – stare too long at the sun and you’ll ultimately go blind.
*Closing the Third Eye*
After three hours of non-stop expurgation, Icke announces that it’s time for a tea break, after which he’ll reveal how we can free ourselves from the invisible chains of global slavery. It’s been an exhausting, and sometimes exhilarating session, but for myself and a fellow non-believer it was enough. Lead firmly by the reptilian hind-brain, we headed to the nearest pub for last orders, the scales once again closing over our third eyes.
Thanks to Danny O’Sullivan and Andrew Chapman.
When he’s not playing Zelda 64, Mark Pilkington maintains Magonia Online and is a contributing editor to Fortean Times magazine. He can be contacted at Strange Attractor.

+Addendum, February 4th, 2002+

From: “Martin Cannon”
To: Mark Pilkington
Mr. Pilkington, Greetings. My name is Martin Cannon, mentioned by you in an article which (unless I’ve misread the attribution) you wrote for the e-journal “Blather” back in 1999. I caught up with it only just now.
In the piece, you mention the Mark Phillips/Cathy O’Brien imbroglio, and you note in passing that they were the reason I got out of researching mind control.
Well…not exactly. It might be better to say that Mark and Cathy helped create a mythology, and that a number of unbalanced people attached themselves to this myth.
When I started expressing doubts about this myth, I got more than the usual amount of negative feedback along the lines of “Cannon’s an agent.” After putting up with tons of that sort of crap over the years, I reached a point where I had to ask myself: Who needs this?
That was only one reason why I marched out in disgust. There were a number of other reasons — including the fact that my work got reprinted by a bunch of right-wing organizations. Conspiracy buffs who disagreed with my more cautious and skeptical attitude started to say the most obscene things about me. (You can find a lot of that crap on usenet.) From the beginning, the ufologists all thought I was some sort of spook. Of course, they say that about EVERYONE — I think that accusation is a control mechanism, much as the “witch” accusation was back in the days of the Salem witch trials.
But perhaps the main reason I “had to let it go” was the dawning realization that a lot of the folks I was talking to were simply nuts.
Cathy O’Brien may well be in that category, although Mark is, in my opinion, a money-motivated con-man. I’ve talked with a few “Mark and Cathy” watchers over the years. And I spoke to Cathy’s former husband, Alex Houston, who plays a huge role in her demonology. Hell, I may be the only outsider to speak to both Houston and Phillips. I must admit, Houston makes a much better impression. But he ain’t selling conspiracy, so the buffs prefer not to seek him out.
Naturally, nobody connected to David Icke has ever sought out the other side of the story. No conspiracy buff has ever tried to talk to Houston, although he is not hard to find. I’m sure if I ever made my skepticism about the Mark and Cathy case better known, Icke would simply denounce me as a witting member of the BLC (Big Lizard Conspiracy).
Anyways, sorry for inundating you with the ramblings of a burnt-out “fringe” researcher. But I just thought you should know that there was more to the story of why I got out. There’s more to the story of Mark and Cathy, too…and one of these days, someone should tell it.
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