Electronic voting in Ireland

There’s a lot of talk around about the introduction of electronic voting…

It’s in the news constantly here. And people are afraid… after years of fairly safe manual counts, electronic voting is raising questions of transparancy and accountability. Who watches the counters, when the system is implemented in four months time? There would be perhaps less paranoia, if it wasn’t for the Florida debacle in the last US election. George Bush for president? Who woulda thunk it.
Yesterday, the Irish government were knocked off their high horse by the opposition parties, since admitting that an independent panel would be necessary to verify the secrecy and accuracy of the system, and that voters should have a facility to abstain or spoil their votes. Whoohoo!
Mind you, they’re still holding out on the accountability aspect – they don’t want a paper trail. I wonder why? Fine Gael, the Labour Party, and the Greens are not yet satisfied…
Nice when democrazy works now and then, eh?
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Update 27 February
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