Month: June 2004


"...even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day..." For reasons more complex than Withnail's urine sample, this particular shitegeist entry has proven hugely popular and has drawn some wonderful comments. We'd like to encourage you to add some more... So, there I am, sitting at home, eating a bowl of peanuts and staring ruefully in the mirror at the patches of grey which are beginning to sprout on my temples. After some protracted moping around and generally wondering what has happened to all my hopes and dreams, goals and aspirations and general will to live, I finally decided that I needed cheering up. My Blackadder videos are in Dublin, so I put on the next best thing – my copy of Withnail and I. Now, as the legion of Withnail fans will attest, this particular movie has always had (for me at least) a sort of medicinal...

Good work by Blather and the Greenpeace boys and girls - they caught 3 boats in international waters bottom trawling. And no - those shark mouths (snouts?) sticking out of the nets - they certainly aren't meant to be there. Blather isn't on-line much, what with being in the middle of the ocean, but his Rainbow Warrior Blog is here