My Parents from Dublin

Parents4.jpgSorry again for the tardiness in bloggery, I know this entry is 3 days late but I was exhausted from constant activity on top of a regular working week.
This is a picture of my father’s feet. My parents visited me for the first time since I left Ireland over four and a half years ago, and spent 6 days here. When we took a day trip out to Høvedøya, an island in the Oslofjord, Dad decided to stick his feet in the water saying, “imagine having to travel for three hours to put your feet in the North Sea!” – whatever that meant.

For people who had absolutely no expectations about Norway, I’m glad they liked it. They certainly seemed to find some places peaceful enough, but were limited in some things by the ageing process. Going to Holmenkollen was fine, but ascending Holmenkollen was out of the question.
Having said that, when they were leaving my apartment on my last night, my friend Gro who lives in my apartment block ran out onto the street to say goodbye to them. Later she told me that without a younger generation around to contrast them with, they looked stronger and healthier as they strolled along.

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